Dragons Wild Shooting

Dragons Wild Shooting is an exciting dark ride interactive game. Riders take a journey through a land besieged by dragons and use laser weapons to defeat them. Our biggest challenge involved integrating our control systems, touch panels, and operations systems into those of a highly complex interactive gaming system that used a number of computers to render media in real time.

TechMD, Inc.’s full system-integrated AMX show control equipment, audio processing equipment from BSS audio, playback equipment from Alcorn McBride, JBL speakers, Panasonic projectors, and Samsung LED displays. All of this equipment was then seamlessly interwoven with the gaming system to provide a fully immersive experience.

Our ultimate goal was to create a system that allowed the ride operators and maintenance team to run the system with an absolute minimum of knowledge. The final result was a touch panel with a mere three buttons to operate the ride and a simplified malfunction report system—which we continue to provide support for from 5000 miles away.