Hollywood Bowl

The Hollywood Bowl has hosted thousands of performances since it first opened in 1922. Sited in a natural amphitheater in the hills above Los Angeles, its signature shell-covered stage was originally designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and constructed in 1928. Since then, the venue has undergone several redesigns to improve acoustical performance as it increased in size and capacity. Though the audience experience improved, the stage acoustics remained legendarily bad.

TechMD, Inc. joined this series of redesigners to replace the somewhat bizarre solution of suspended multi-sized spheres installed in the 1970′s. We applied real science and state of the art technology to create a true solution.

In addition to providing design consultation services for the sound reinforcement systems and infrastructure, TechMD, Inc. supported the work of acoustic consultants who designed a movable reflector system to provide on-stage performers with the feel of an indoor venue.

Using binaural recording technology, the team documented the acoustic effects of various reflector positions in a manner that allowed acoustic designers, conductors, musicians, and solo performers to review and­­­­­­­ decide on optimal settings for a variety of ensembles and musical styles.

This transformed a venue long-associated with abysmal acoustics into one in which artists could finally hear and truly enjoy their own performances.