Mini-Time Machine

The Mini-Time Machine in Tucson, Arizona dedicates itself to the imaginative exploration of miniature worlds. To us, this venue was the equivalent of a tiny theme park—very familiar territory. Despite covering 15,000 square-feet versus 220 acres, all our capabilities were called forth for the project.

We employed many of our core technologies, including speaker system design, video playback systems, show control, and multimedia delivery over networked systems. We collected, mixed, and mastered audio and video content and loaded it all into Alcorn McBride Digital Binloop players in a central multimedia server room. We synced them to visitor control surfaces and motion/proximity sensors to provide a seamless presentation.

This project presented us with a few challenges for video display. A signature of the museum’s brand is a trail of sparkles, as if from a magic wand. To bring this element into the museum space, we controlled video projectors with moving heads which responded to visitor movements as a ‘swoosh’ over walls and the ceiling. And, in keeping with the miniature theme, we developed tiny video displays only viewable by peeking into a model building of, say, a miniature theater.

A visit to a museum can—and should—be as compelling and entertaining as any theme park, and as informative and memorable as any large-scale corporate presentation. This project shows we can apply our collective abilities to any size project, and bring all of our abilities to each set of designs.