Shanghai Opera House

Regardless of whether a design is ours or the product of another firm, we are asked to make its final adjustments.

Called in by the major audio contractor, JBL, and the local certifying agency, we had three days to analyze, test, tune, and certify the house sound system for Shanghai’s premier fine arts performance venue—just in time for an opening night performance of the national ballet and orchestra.

JBL Shanghai installed a twenty-cabinet cluster hung from the ceiling. Brooke-Siren (BSS) provided audio control Omni-Drive systems. With their DSP-based crossover and processing technology, we were able to set equalization, phase alignment, and coverage control, while providing verifiable results to both the installer and the certifying agency.

A permanent sound booth was designed and installed, as well as break-outs in-house for remote mixing. To remain on budget and provide repeatable results, we configured and racked all processing equipment in movable modules for easy relocation. It was a relatively simple matter to move the mixing position into the house without sacrificing the tools necessary to create a great mix.

Given the seven-story altitude difference between the house and the speaker cluster, no working elevators, and no working air conditioning, meeting the opening night deadline was a challenge—but that’s what we do for a living!

See Shanghai Opera House’s Official website here.