Themed Thrill Attraction

Providing an immersive audio experience for an audience as they walk to and then ride on a moving platform is a challenge. Add in the fact that the platform travels not only horizontally along a self-guided track, but also vertically through a shaft at varying speeds and you begin to see the myriad obstacles we faced with this project.

The ride profiles also vary randomly, increasing the challenge of synchronizing the audio playback and video projection systems to each other, not to mention the challenge of syncing both audio and video to ride and show control. The audience experience had to seamlessly move from sideshow, to horizontal dark ride, to physical action—all while maintaining a rich visual show and 5.1 surround audio presentation. To do this, all audio and video elements were sample- and frame-accurately locked to one another and to the randomized ride controls, as well as general show control. We relied on our in-house programming skills to develop custom software to tie together the various hardware and control systems.

Sound synchronization was achieved with static surround audio playback systems we developed for the sideshow and dark ride segments. Once the ride platform locked into the vertical shafts, additional systems installed in the carrier engaged for a seamless soundtrack delivery.

Employing our expertise in advanced video display technologies, we also developed custom projection effects which were crucial to the in-ride storyline.

See the ride’s official webpage here.