University of Redlands Center for the Arts

The University of Redlands called upon us to outfit their Center for the Arts with a black box theater space. The design direction, in brief, asked that the theater be capable of accommodating all potential theater configurations, including those not yet imagined.

We designed an audio and control solution that embraced this desire and did so on-time and on-budget.

The performance space reconfigures into standard proscenium, thrust, and in-the-round layouts, as well as any other conceivable configuration, exemplifying our primary design guideline: flexibility.

In addition to a fixed sound booth for mixing, we made provisions for remote in-house mixing locations. We designed and installed several floor-mount break-out boxes for power and connections to processor and amplifier racks installed in the main sound booth.

Speakers were located at fixed hang-points and we provided strategic break-out panels throughout the house. Careful study with architects made sure that we could provide superb audio coverage without compromising sight-lines or staging. Reconfiguring speaker arrangements allowed for virtually any combination of stage and seating set-up.

Perhaps the most convincing validation of our work is that directors and productions designers—given free rein to configure the performance space as they wish—have not called us back to change anything!