US Pavilion EXPO 2012

International expos represent an opportunity for countries to present new inventions, facilitate cultural exchange, and improve their national image. As a result, the teams working on these pavilions must create flawless presentations to inspire and inform audiences from around the globe.

In 2012 TechMD, Inc. had the honor to join The Hettema Group on installation of the USA Pavilion in Yeosu, Korea. Half of the system design was built by us here in the United States while the other half was built abroad by a different team, and our challenge was to then marry these two halves on-site in just six weeks’ time.

In producing our half of the system, we utilized many of our core technologies, including a show control system from Medialon, audio processing from BSS audio, projectors from Panasonic and Christie’s, and a series of custom touch panels. All of these had to be integrated with the systems provided by the vendor overseas as well as the facilities infrastructure, including lighting, opening and closing doors, and a spectacular fountain effect.

The show opened on time, much to everyone’s satisfaction, and as a further indication of our success, The Hettema Group has become a repeat client.