Wide Area A/V Networks

One of our core competencies is the networking of audio, video, data distribution, and control over structured and fiber-optic cable systems.

Typical large system designs include theme parks covering 220 acres or more. Utilizing DSP/Network control hardware and off-the shelf switches and routers, we deploy systems that deliver content from central sources and a central server to performance venues, parade routes, and guest areas across the property.

One design for a Tokyo theme park was a system that featured over one-thousand inputs and two-thousand outputs at 48KHz/20-bit over a fiber-optic backbone. There were thirty-five DSP/Network mainframes in the park-wide system—five used for central processing and the other thirty as “edge” devices. Each frame had a capacity of between 128×128 to 256×256 input and output channels.

We also developed a customized suite of software apps to manage all of these frames and the associated 1,100 amplifiers, networked video servers, and audio I/O devices, as well as providing a central unified user interface and monitoring platform. We authored the DSP system files, and qualified and connected all Ethernet and audio hardware.

Working with the national telecommunications company NTT, we integrated multi-media content on a network shared with the property’s lighting, show-control, and point-of-sale data. In addition to performance assets, the system also managed audio and video effects, foreground, and background audio and paging—all integrated with park-wide operational controls.

Eleven years after we deployed this system, it was used to alert everyone in the park of a massive earthquake that had just struck Northern Japan. We’ve since installed similar designs in Paris and Hong Kong, and continue developing new solutions using today’s cutting-edge technologies.

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