About TechMDinc

Technical Multimedia Design, Inc. (TechMDinc) is an audio, video, and control systems design and consulting firm dedicated to helping clients realize their creative visions using state of the art technology and forward-looking system integration. 

Leveraging technology and a deep understanding of the power of multimedia, TechMDinc provides our creative clients with the technical expertise they need – combined with a passion for bringing attractions and exhibits to life. Our broad base of knowledge includes: audio, video, networking, control systems, and special effects integration. We aim to provide creative solutions that meet not only the needs of today, but those of the future.

We build our designs upon strong foundations drawn from industry standards and years of experience, ensuring rock-solid reliability while allowing for future expansion and enhancement. This gives our clients the opportunity to own, operate, expand, and modify as desired – today and well beyond tomorrow.

Over the decades, we have designed and implemented audio, video, and control systems for some of the most popular attractions in the world. Our corporate clients rank among the top companies worldwide. Our projects have also featured integration of gaming technologies, with cutting-edge VR and AR elements.

Each system TechMDinc designs leverages our broad expertise to ensure that every part of the system works together as one. Reliability and repeatability are essential to every attraction, so we automate critical parts of the experience to ensure consistency with minimal staff training. By simplifying show operations and automating control tasks, every guest is guaranteed to have the same wonderful experience, every time.