Meet Damian Charkiewicz – Video Design Specialist

June 15, 2018 | Dave Revel | blogs | 2 Minute Read

As a Video Design Specialist at TechMDinc., Damian Charkiewicz ensures that video quality is as close to perfection as possible through mapping, placement of projectors and screens, and engineering for brightness and color.

Damian discovered an affinity for set design and lighting in high school, starting with a stint running the spotlight for a student production of A Christmas Carol. During his undergraduate studies at Florida International University and his graduate program at Penn State, Damian explored both the very mathematical art of lighting design and the more creative and concept driven study of scenic design. Eventually, he blended both disciplines in projection design – the creation of scenery through light. Damian’s expertise has contributed significantly to several high profile TechMDinc. projects including the Ford Rouge Interactive Plant Tour, The Selig Experience at Miller Park, Journey to the Moon/Mission to Mars Kennedy Space Center, Museum of the Bible, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Shanghai Disneyland and more.

Dave Revel, a veteran of professional audio engineering, computer technology and show control systems, is the president of Technical Multimedia Design, Inc. (TechMDinc) in Burbank, California