Meet Mark Johnson – AV Engineer

July 6, 2018 | Dave Revel | blogs | 1 minute Minute Read

Building an immersive environment that makes visitors forget about the outside world has always been a driving passion for AV Engineer Mark Johnson.  He got his first taste of behind the scenes magic while working on a production of Little Shop of Horrors in high school. Mark was amazed by the way the Audrey II puppet came to life and engaged the audience at a fundamental level. He was hooked. 

Mark began his 20-year professional sound career running sound for Invisible Theatre in Tucson, AZ when he was just a sophomore in high school. He continued to refine his craft with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sound Design at California Institute of the Arts. Having always been in love with theme parks, a college class opened his eyes to the possibility of a career in themed entertainment. Over time, his love of theatrics and theme parks merged into the perfect job.

Mark joined the TechMDinc team in March 2017. Today he focuses on engineering and integrating systems to help create multiple themed and immersive environments for projects including Star Tours and Power of Rock. 

Dave Revel, a veteran of professional audio engineering, computer technology and show control systems, is the president of Technical Multimedia Design, Inc. (TechMDinc) in Burbank, California