Disney Star Tours

Rebooting a Classic

From Paris to Florida to California and Tokyo, Disney’s Star Tours motion simulator ride is a fan favorite. Though the amusement park attraction was state of the art when first developed, it needed an upgrade and overhaul to keep up with technology to make it look better and improve the ride experience for guests. TechMDinc delivered the new and improved technology in a way that was easy, reliable and exceeded client expectations. The custom audio and video solutions utilized digital media that allow for special effects in real time and quick loading and posting of guest photos. Together with Disney’s Imagineers, the TechMDinc team redesigned the sound and worked with field programmers to develop the scripts that choreograph the whole experience from music to video to lighting in a way that plays in sync with the ride and motion. Today’s Star Tour experience can feature a variety of content based on Disney’s changing needs and priorities because of the custom solutions provided by TechMDinc.

We would like to thank our collaboration partner Walt Disney Imagineering.

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