Griffith Observatory – Samuel Oschin Planetarium

Retooling Sound and Software for Space Exploration

Since 1935 Griffith Park Observatory has served as a gateway to the cosmos, introducing tens of thousands of school children and adults to the wonders of space through a variety of immersive, multimedia exhibitions. Just as knowledge about the extra-terrestrial world continues to expand, so do the audio and video technologies available to deliver the latest findings and fundamental learnings. Collaborating with the in-house team, TechMDinc recently upgraded a number of the audio and video elements for the Samuel Oschin Planetarium to enhance the audience experience and allow for increased flexibility in delivering core content.

Determined to give the in-house team more control over the various soundtracks, TechMDinc upgraded the entire sound system. They replaced speakers, playback hardware, amplifiers and more to make the system more current. In the process, the team discovered that the existing multi-channel two-dimensional panning system wasn’t compatible with the upgrades. They needed a software solution that would deliver all the functionality of the old system but work seamlessly with the new hardware. Rather than outsource the new programming, the experts at TechMDinc wrote an entirely customized software solution using a MIDI spec that is compatible with ProTools. The stand-alone application allows for HUI MIDI messaging to easily adapt to any multi-channel DAW that accepts OSC/MIDI. The blend of the old and the new delivers an immersive, panoramic experience using the latest technology.

Today, the pre-show experience is fully loaded with audio, video, and images that envelope the audience in another world of sight, sound, and wonder. Using the latest hardware and customized software, TechMDinc helped ensure that learning about the universe is out of this world.

We would like to thank the Samuel Oschin Planetarium and the Friends of the Observatory.

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