Infinite Energy Ignited with Infinite Creativity

We partnered with BRC to deliver “Infinite Energy” at USA Expo

In 2017, Astana, capital city of Kazakhstan, hosted a global Expo for more than 120 countries to build community, foster understanding, and examine the idea of infinite energy. BRC Imagination Arts produced and filmed the three-part experience for the USA Pavilion, which included a multiscreen surround audio/video show with live dancers; a large, interactive touchscreen display that provided engagement with US company sponsors; and a lounge to host presentations and special events during the Expo.

Going beyond supporting the visitor experience and story effectively, TechMDinc managed language, construction, and transportation complications. Every drawing that provided directions for technical setup had to be completely language agnostic and the process required detailing every aspect about wiring and installation, including many items that would be assumed in the US or Europe.

Because the USA Pavilion was a temporary installation, there was no facility infrastructure or contractor to support the installation. TechMDinc assembled and tested all equipment cabinets, projectors, and displays, and oversaw the pavilion installation by local workers. When cargo planes were no longer allowed into Kazakhstan, TechMDinc worked rapidly to revise and repackage all equipment into smaller cabinets that could be delivered via commercial jet.

We would like to thank our collaboration partner, BRC Imagination Arts. This Experience was created, developed, and produced by BRC Imagination Arts.


Photo Credits: BRC Imagination Arts

We would like to thank our collaboration partner BRC Imagination Arts, the primary creative producers on this project. PHOTO CREDIT: Visitor experience created, developed and produced by BRC Imagination Arts:

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