Museum of the Bible

Bringing the Bible to Life

Our audio and video experts brought together the newest technical innovations to help tell stories from one of the oldest books in the world at the Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C.. The third floor of the museum allows guests to walk through the stories of the Bible. This includes the “The Stories of the Bible experience” and the “New Testament Theater” which features a 200o wrap-around screen which envelops guests in a video experience that draws them into the story like never before. In a span of 25 minutes, guests experience classic stories from the Hebrew Bible (the Old Testament) including the moment of creation, the burning bush, and the plagues of Egypt.

This three year project allowed TechMDInc to work on all phases of Design, Installation, Integration and Programming to create the immersive Hebrew Bible Experience, a collection of 15 theatrical environments covering nearly 15,000 square feet. Our client spent months with us refining and virtually visualizing the show in Burbank, CA before anyone even stepped foot in the space in Washington, D.C.. We worked to leverage the magic of modern technology so that visitors felt like participants in the stories that have touched the lives of people the world over. Museum of the Bible benefits from our world-class support services, which provide quick and dedicated support year-round.

We would like to thank our collaboration partner, BRC Imagination Arts. Stories of the Bible was created, developed, and produced by BRC Imagination Arts.


Photo Credits: BRC Imagination Arts

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