Music Box Experience Center at Ravinia — Bernstein’s Answer

Celebrate the life and lessons of Leonard Bernstein in this beautifully crafted multi-room tour, complete with interviews, history, and even a surprise visit from a notable guest or two. This 15-minute experience culminates in a theatrical venue where guests view an in-depth exploration of Bernstein’s beliefs about the purpose and power of music. A synchronized array of projectors enfolds the audience in a massive 4K video canvas that is paired with a beautifully designed sound system that wraps the audience in a warm blanket of music. Automated show set pieces are sure to surprise and transport guests to a surreal world where they – like Leonard Bernstein – can see music. 

TechMD Inc. designed the audio and video systems in each of the show locations throughout the venue, as well as the show control system that ties it all together. The immersive experience has been programmed to run continuously at the push of a button, perfectly timed to allow guests to flow from beginning to end without interruption or collision with other groups. This project also benefits from TechMD Inc.’s remote warranty support, providing the necessary assistance to keep the show running in the event of technical or operational difficulties. 

We would like to thank our collaboration partner, BRC Imagination Arts. Bernstein’s Answer was created, developed, and produced by BRC Imagination Arts.