Shanghai Disneyland

Creating Sounds of Magic

With more E-Ticket attractions on opening day than any other Disney park, Shanghai Disneyland takes the magic to a whole new level. TechMDinc designed the layout for audio video systems inside the park with more than 10,000 pages of documentation showing location plans, wiring, equipment lists, speakers, elevations, and more. Then they collaborated on-site with dozens of teams of electrical engineers, painters, scenic designers, ride manufacturers, and other creative studios to deliver sound for the happiest place on earth. Working with many local vendors, they helped to coordinate the installation of audio processing and playback systems, and even handled junction box placement to ensure that the park’s more than 10,000 speakers had convenient points of connection. The result is an immense network of sound unlike anything done before. From TRON and Pirates of the Caribbean to Fantasyland and the audio throughout the entire area development, TechMDinc helped create a world in which sound magically emanates from unseen sources to thrill park visitors young and old.

We would like to thank our collaboration partner Walt Disney Imagineering, the primary creative producers on this project.

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