Sound Monitoring at Rose Bowl Concerts

Sound Solutions That Rock

The sound solution experts at TechMDinc go way beyond simple noise monitoring to optimize the outdoor concert experience for the artists and audiences at venues including the world-famous Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA. Outdoor concerts can be a magical experience for audiences but local residents and businesses neighboring alfresco venues may have an altogether different opinion if the sounds of a concert disrupt their regular routines. To address these competing priorities, TechMDinc builds sound management plans that carefully consider the needs and wishes of all the stakeholders. Our engineers take into account a myriad of variables including speaker arrays and alignment, venue structures, audience size, surrounding geography, local noise ordinances, and weather elements such as heat, wind and humidity that can alter the way sound propagates.

Once the plan is approved, TechMDinc uses cloud-connected microphone stations to gather data and provide real time monitoring of sound in strategic locations around the venue perimeter. TechMDinc staff work closely with the bands and systems engineers to maximize sound to the audience while minimizing sound “spillage” the surrounding areas. TechMDinc’s proactive design and consultation has set up bands including Metallica, Green Day, U2, Coldplay and Beyoncé for sound success.

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