The Selig Experience at Miller Park

Selig Experience Scores a Homerun

Bud Selig’s unwavering dedication to America’s favorite pastime revived professional baseball in his hometown of Milwaukee and took him to the top of the game as Commissioner of Baseball for decades. Thanks to a creative partnership between BRC Imagination Arts, and TechMDinc, Brewers fans and baseball aficionados from around the world can step into history with The Selig Experience, a multimedia extravaganza at Miller Park Baseball Stadium.

Starting in a darkened 40-seat theater, fans are immersed in the experience with three projection surfaces aligned for a 180 degree view in a shallow space that creates immediate intimacy. The technical requirements went beyond the usual warping and blending and required detailed precision that would allow for adjustments by a local non-technical team. As baseball lovers lean into the big screen storytelling narrated by Bob Uecker, a wall lifts to reveal a replica of Selig’s office where a spectre of Bud appears and speaks directly to the audience. TechMDinc worked with BRC Imagination Arts to use video and lighting effects to create Bud’s lifelike form.

We would like to thank our collaboration partner, BRC Imagination Arts. The Selig Experience was created, developed, and produced by BRC Imagination Arts.

We would like to thank our collaboration partner BRC Imagination Arts, the primary creative producers on this project.

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