Systems Engineering and Integration

Weaving together lighting, sound effects, videos, and other special effects into one seamless system is one of our specialties. Our work connects all the technical aspects of an experience to create an unforgettable experience for your guests.

We engineer audio, video, and control systems that seamlessly integrate the many elements that go into a museum exhibit or a theme park ride. We also assist in upgrading client technologies and find ways to fold current technologies into the new system.

  • Systems Designs: Concept through Schematic, Detail, and Construction Documents
  • Bid Package and RFP preparation, and submittal evaluations
  • CADD documentation
  • 3D Modeling
  • BIM Support

Show Systems and Effects Control

Our smart, customized communication systems link attractions, applications, and other technical elements across wide-spread facilities.

Show control systems coordinate entertainment elements such as lighting, sound, video, rigging, or pyrotechnics. We can do the basic work of automating the lights in your conference room or engineer more complex solutions such as a station for monitoring the statuses of multiple rides across acres of land. Our show control systems simplify your life.

  • Control Systems Architecture
  • Controls Programming: simple scripting to compiled apps
  • Middleware development to facilitate communications between 3rd party devices
  • User Interface Development
  • Time sensitive/synchronized show control systems

Interactive Presentation Systems

We design attractions with interactive presentation systems that will transport your guests to another world.

Well-designed audio visual systems deliver elevated guest experience with responsive interactive elements. Those elements have to stand up to extensive wear and tear from some of the most demanding guests.

We design systems with components that are made to withstand intense use, day after day, year after year. Durable and reliable components that save you money in the long run.

  • Real World Hardening for prototype and laboratory systems
  • Middleware development to integrate interactives into the overall attraction
  • Operations User Interface development

Multiple Projector Systems

We bring your concept to life with special effects that amplify the guest experience.

Looking to create that “wow” factor with a few lasers or some explosive effects? We’ve engineered systems that trail sparkles along floors and walls and used half a dozen projectors or more to create effects that make sets come alive with dynamic video “paint”. Our team has deep experience in the motion picture industry, rides and amusement parks and full-immersion entertainment experiences.

  • Synchronous playback
  • 3 dimensional projection studies
  • VR based pre-visualization
  • Computerized calibration and matching of projectors and displays
  • Auto-calibration systems
  • UV Mapping
  • Scale modeling
  • High frame rate and 3D systems playback and projection

Audio and Video Distribution and Control

You’ll have total control over your media.

The most beautiful video can be diminished by a low-quality projector. The fullest, most flawlessly recorded audio can sound flat and lifeless coming out of a poorly-designed audio system. TechMDinc works with a variety of vendors and manufacturers to engineer the system that’s right for your project.

When audio and video needs to be synchronized and played on command, things get even more complicated. We have years of experience delivering complex solutions for small, contained projects and multi-acre venues and we’ll focus all that expertise on your project.

We’re one of only five worldwide certified independent QSYS programmers. We know what we’re doing.

  • Network Architecture and Deployment
  • Dual FFT audio systems tuning
  • Computerized calibration and matching of projectors and displays
  • Dedicated and Shared resource networks

Audio and Video Content Production and Mastering

We take your audio or video media and ingest for playback on any device.

Our team has worked with a number of programs to create and master audio and video content. We will make sure your creations are fully optimized to look and sound their best on any system.

  • Audio file mastering and transfer
  • Video file transcoding and transfer
  • Audio mix support
  • Video media installation support

System Operation Training and Support

Once it’s all finished, we’ll teach your people how to use it. We also offer ongoing technical support to assist with upgrades and other issues.

We pride ourselves on making systems that are easy to learn and easy to operate. To save you time and energy, we also offer simple, straight-forward operations manuals and employee training to get you up and running as quickly and painlessly as possible. We’ll also be there to support you as technology evolves.

  • Operational manuals and guides
  • Staff Training
  • Help desk and remote support services

Sound Monitoring

We go way beyond sound monitoring to optimize the outdoor concert experience for the artists and audiences.

With care and consideration of all of the sound variables, we create a customized sound plan with entertainment venues and work with performers to maximize the entertainment value and audience experience of a show, while minimizing the sound “spillage” that can potentially disturb surrounding neighborhoods. Our pro-active design and consultation team has worked seamlessly with leading A-list performers; Metallica, Green Day, U2, Coldplay and Beyoncé, to name a few.

  • Cloud based data acquisition
  • Automated alert systems
  • Large Format and steered array loudspeaker systems deployment consultation
  • Live event monitoring services

On-Site Installation and Support

  • Contracting Coordination and Integration of small to large scale projects
  • Supervise installation of facility electrical infrastructure to support audio, video and control systems
  • Work with local specialty contractors to coordinate show system installs
  • Owner Technical Representative services: making sure systems are built and installed as designed