Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Delivering More Than a Song and Dance

The Rock and Roll Hall of fame is in the midst of a multi-year redesign process dedicated to create transformative and multidimensional experience for fans from around the world. TechMDinc’s first contribution to the cause was designing and installing the audio and visual system for the new Power of Rock Experience. Featuring a film collage created by Jonathan Demme made up of more than 25 years of footage from actual inductee concerts, the delivery system had to be spectacular and larger than life. The TechMDinc team brought in three large format projectors to play onto one central fixed screen and several more moving panels to reflect and increase the energy of the film and music. The trick, of course, was to design a system that could play video onto moving screens while staying aligned and synced with audio, lighting and special effects. TechMDinc delivered all that as well as providing show programming to operate the entire experience. What’s more, they also provide remote support for the project including bug fixes and operational updates.

We would like to thank our collaboration partner BRC Imagination Arts, the primary creative producers on this project.

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