You worked hard on your content, creating engaging visuals, stirring soundtracks, and exciting interactive systems. Protect the quality of your hard work.

TechMD, Inc. specializes in creating audio-visual and control systems that will bring your vision to life just as you imagined it. Your multimedia delivered at the word GO.


Our company and all that we believe in is easily summed up:

Thoughtful Design plus Quality Equipment yields Quality Results.

It all starts with a question—”Can this be done?”

You dreamt it up, now it’s time to make it a reality. There are a lot of parts that go into an audio-visual system, and you need to know which ones will make your project really shine.

That’s where TechMD, Inc. comes in. Years of experience combined with a dedication to quality work means were the audio-video consultants who can make that happen.

So what are you waiting for?


Your Vision, Our Plans

We develop detailed and comprehensive plans to explain what we’ll do and how we’ll get it done. Cocktail napkins are a great place to start, but our preferred materials include extensive 3D CAD designs, audio and video system predictive models, Bills of Materials, preferred vendor lists etc. When we present our proposals, you’ll have a very clear understanding of what we will accomplish.

Quality Assurance

Before we hand over a design, we test, and test, and test! We demand the highest level of quality control.

Keeping You In the Loop

We understand the complexities of accomplishing a project, and the necessary interfacing with other contractors, suppliers, vendors and management. We provide detailed point-to-point schematics of our designs, both for approval and for verification by all, as we progress. Our project managers are proactive in communicating with all the folks with whom we work.


Dedicated Professionals

We participate in the trade associations that govern and guide our practices. David Revel is a frequent speaker and panel member at trade show seminars and focus sessions—like this.

Where You Need Us
When You Need Us

Our team members can be anywhere in the world, at any time, on-site to get a project done. Our goal through this concept of total team integration is to minimize communication channels and to create the most direct path to getting a project accomplished.



All of our employees are documented, safety-trained and insured. We maintain work visas and credentials for all team members who travel overseas.

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