MCIT Military Training Modules

We partnered with design firm Isolated Ground to create mobile simulation modules deployed at installations throughout the US to train ground troops how to anticipate and manage the unexpected. Each mobile training system consists of four forty-foot trailer-mounted modules.

Modules one, two, and three are walk-through, multimedia learning presentations featuring multiple video screens, informational displays, and real-life sets.

Real-time video ‘games’ between teams teach the basics of situational awareness and tactical practices. The experience is designed to familiarize soldiers with the methods employed by combatants on either side of the conflict.

Detailed and skillfully re-created sets based on actual combat intelligence are constructed to familiarize students with potential scenarios and condition their observational and tactical skills. Integrated multimedia displays enhance the presentations.

The fourth module is a physical simulator configured as a combat vehicle. Windshields replaced with high-definition video flat-screens display full-motion visual data based on actual satellite images from active battlefields. Combat teams interact with simulation scenarios controlled via our proprietary hands-on interfaces and produced in conjunction with the Institute for Creative Technology – University of Southern California.