4D Theater Show

Our task was to design and install an audio playback system for a four-hundred seat theater that presented a 4D animated program in full surround sound with atmospheric effects. The screen wrapped well around the audience at 150 feet wide and forty feet tall with visuals presented in 70mm stereoscopic format.

A system designed to create a compelling audio experience for such a wide venue required eighteen audio channels behind the screen alone. An additional fourteen overhead channels were added to enhance the surround audio sensation. Including sub-woofers, the finished surround specification for the system was 32.1—eighteen screen speakers, twelve surrounds, six overheads, and eight subs (mono).

We also designed and installed the lobby, queue, exit, and paging systems, and integrated those same systems with networked audio delivery and show control.

All audio playback was sample-accurately locked to projection and also synced to show and theater element controls, including curtains, lights and lobby. In addition to design and installation, we continued with complete calibration, mixing, and certification for the owners, operators, and regulatory agencies.

The final challenge was to integrate all 3D video and surround audio with the 4D elements—wind, water and fragrance effects.

See the theater’s official webpage here.